Company Information

Bill Farrell first learned to concrete in Phoenix Arizona at the age of 18. He then went on to a trade college in Seattle Washington to learn even more about his trade. He made student foremen in 2 months and went on to graduate top of his class and was offered a job placement anywhere he chose as a reward for his hard work. After choosing to leave the west coast for a fresh start in life he was offered a position in Nashville, TN. This has been his home ever since. Since coming to Nashville he has met his wife of 16 years and has 3 children. After building a family while running a local concrete company he decided it was time to open his own business and start the next chapter in his life. Since then he has built a company and his reputation on fairness and quality. He employs numerous people and is active in the community as well. He has now been serving Nashville for 18 years and looks forward to continuing to build his company for the future generations of Farrell's to come.

Our Values

First and foremost we are family people. We believe in treating someone as we wish to be treated, We are committed to being honest and fair with all of our clients. We not only want your business now but we also want it for life. We believe the way to do that is to give you great quality and service at fair price, We guarantee satisfaction. We cant wait to hear from you and all we ask is a chance at your business. Thanks for browsing our site and have a wonderful day. We hope to hear from you soon.

Our Commitment

Here at B.D.C. we are committed to providing each of our customers with a unique and pleasant experience while dealing with there project. We strive to provide the services you are looking for with great quality and attitude with prompt service. We hope you agree and can't wait till you put us to the test!